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Products available range from "true" mobile ad-hoc networking systems (MANET), mesh radios, UHF SATCOM terminals and amplifiers, VUHF and L-band communications systems (VULC) as well as other innovative satellite and digital communication products that enable fast, secure and efficient communications to any location.

MANET radio solutions

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices, such as a rugged radio (often referred to as "nodes"), that form a self-configuring network. The devices communicate wirelessly by relaying data across the network through a sequence of transmissions. In a true MANET, such as the Wave Relay®, every node can communicate with every other node enabling true peer-to-peer connectivity. This is a marked contrast to the far more common mesh network design, in which a series of stationary access points connect end users only to the internet. The Wave Relay® MANET is designed to maintain both peer-to-peer routes and connectivity to an Internet gateway while under mobility. The system detects changes in connectivity and, using a revolutionary routing protocol, elegantly adjusts the pathways in order to maintain the most efficient route between them.

Wave Relay man portable unit (MPU3)

The Wave Relay® man portable unit Gen3 (MPU3) is an ultra-compact radio designed for body worn and custom built applications. The MPU3 is available in both single and dual radio models and can be customised with several different frequency configurations. Available on the device through a 19-pin connector are two ethernet connections, RS-232 capability, and push-to-talk voice. The auxiliary input device (AID) can be utilised to make standard RJ45 and 6-Pin NATO U/283-U ports accessible for end-user computers and standard headsets.

The MPU3 is designed with a flat back with four screw holes, enabling it to be mounted to panels, trays and other user-designed mounting configurations. The device is easily integrated into avionics bays, vehicles, machinery and other third party systems. The MPU3 accepts 8 – 48V DC input power, enabling it to be powered through 12V automobiles, 24V military vehicles, 28V airplanes, and/or 48V PoE injector supplies. The device can also be battery powered for body worn applications. The MPU3 is fully environmentally sealed and IP67 rated. Ideal for quick integration into existing systems and platforms, transforming them with its high performance MANET capabilities.

Wave Relay man portable unit (MPU4)

The Generation 4 man portable unit (MPU4) brings mobile ad hoc networking capability directly to the dismounted user. The Gen4 MPU represents the smallest, lightest, most portable radio solution available from the Wave Relay® product family. The MPU4 utilises a standard military battery that provides 14 hours of run-time and enables customers to reuse batteries and chargers that are already in their supply system. The MPU4 is also compatible with battery eliminator accessories, permitting the radio to run off of external BA-5590 or BA-5557 battery packs.

Wave Relay quad radio router

The Quad radio router offers deployment flexibility, robust fault tolerance, and unmatched scalability for large MANET systems, all in a compact and rugged package. This Wave Relay product contains up to four separate wireless radios, all of which participate in the routing.

Wave Relay sector array antenna

The sector array router provides long range, high throughput, and superior deployment flexibility. The array features an omni-directional coverage pattern with high gain in all directions. It is available in both 2.4GHz and 5GHz configurations. Tested at 8.5 miles, the 5GHz sector array routers delivered 8.5Mbps of TCP throughput.

Wave Relay tracker system

The Wave Relay® tracking antenna system enables two-way communication between the ground and an airborne asset. Together with the quad radio router that is used to control steering, the tracking antenna system provides an encrypted digital data link to military UAVs, police and fire helicopters, and Coast Guard planes.

Wave Relay integration unit Gen4

The Wave Relay® Integration Unit Gen4 (MPU4) is a compact radio designed for installation or body worn applications. Seamless Layer-2 ethernet connectivity facilitates plug-and-play operation of cameras, video encoders, IP sensors, and other devices. The device is easily integrated into avionics bays, vehicles, machinery, and other third party systems.

Wave Relay auxilliary input device (AID)

  • Push to Talk (PTT) audio connection
  • Connection to MPU
  • Power / ethernet 1 connection accepts PoE, 8-48VDC and IP
  • Power / ethernet 2 connection accepts PoE, 8-48VDC and IP