SMART High Reliability Solutions (SMART HRS) constructs ruggedised and reliable solid-state drives for military and other secure applications. SMART HRS ensures that all of its solutions are as secure as possible by employing rigorous testing and quality materials for its customised designs.

To ensure security in high-risk and high-privacy environments, SMART HRS encrypts data with varying degrees of security that doesn’t allow unauthorised access. Additionally, write protection is also used, ensuring that no data is accidently overwritten.

SMART ultra-rugged SSDs are designed to cope with extreme environments, are extremely reliable, and solid state. They provide increased performance stability and are designed to meet MIL-STD-810G specifications. SMART SSDs resist shock and vibration, which can arise in field applications.

Mil temp of -40°C to 85°C is a standard feature for SMART HRS drives. SMART SSDs are also produced with optional conformal coatings and component underfill, which adds to their consistent performance in differing environments.

Because military users have a wide array of individual applications, SMART HRS offers a variety of SSDs that provide unique capabilities designed to meet each user’s particular need.

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