Planetary Wheel Hub for 5.5t Axle Load

Planetary Wheel Hub for 5.5t Axle Load


ECS manufactures the planetary wheel hub for AWD special vehicles and commercial vehicle class N2 for optimised off-road mobility.

Features and specifications

  • Gear ratio: i = 4.636
  • Max. input speed: 3200 min-1
  • Weight (incl. Oil): 99 kg (Without brake disc, caliper)
  • ABS
  • All parts FEM optimised
  • Two-piece wheel carrier for easy maintenance
  • Modular design to be used on front and rear axle
  • Two-piece forged wheel carrier
  • Easy brake disc maintenance
  • Integrated central tire inflation system (CTIS) capability
  • Optimised performance on- and off-road
  • Climate area C1 to A1 according to STANAG 2895
  • Used in high mobility multi purpose vehicles

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