Vitavox OUTACOM™ is a mobile, vehicle-mounted tactical public address system for use on all tracked and wheeled armoured fighting vehicles. The Vitavox OUTACOM™ is currently in operation on the Scout Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme in conjunction with General Dynamics UK and the UK MoD as part of the prescribed ‘shout before you shoot’ military doctrine.


  • MIL-STD 461E, MIL-STD 861F and DEF-STAN compliant
  • Standalone or intercom integrated solution
  • Direct communication up to 300m from vehicle
  • Blast-proof, shock-proof and weather-proof (IP67)
  • Selectable audio broadcast messaging in local
  • Language through standard digital device input
  • Dismounted soldier radio link (optional)
  • Integrates IP67 loudspeaker and microphone
  • Compatible with Vitavox Vitavic intercom system


  • Reduce risk of unnecessary collateral damage
  • Reduce probability of unnecessary escalation of violence
  • Direct, instruct and control local area while protected in vehicle
  • Seamless switching between Outacom™ and intercom
  • Target enemy lookouts – Enhance local command and control capability
  • Safe crowd dispersal and area clearance