As a portable upgrade version, ND-SV009 3D See Through Wall Radar System could fulfill the requirements of searching targets quickly and providing precise support in various application scenarios. This system works effectively in rescue, anti-terrorist, and other emergency rescues.

This portable 3D imaging through-wall radar is able to scan and detect multiple moving and static live targets behind non-metal common walls with 3D positioning and imaging. The detected target information with their respective locations and positions will be displayed in real time.

Due to its strong penetration capability, small size, light weight, short startup time, this system is an ideal portable through wall imaging/wall penetration solution with high efficiency and excellent performance.

Main Features

  • Reliable through-wall detection of common wall materials
  • Small, light, portable, and quick to operate
  • Accurately position the three-dimensional coordinates of targets, display the number of moving/static targets and movement tracks
  • Moving/static targets and movement tracks
  • Simple user interface, providing clear and visual detection results