The global surge in drone sales has turned the potential danger of weaponized recreational drones into an immediate concern. The widespread availability of drones, largely unregulated in many nations, presents a considerable risk to their national security.

The ND-BU005 Advanced Passive Anti-Drone System represents an enhanced version of our existing passive anti-drone technology, offering extended detection and jamming capabilities to deliver comprehensive and full-spectrum defense against various drone threats.

This system is specifically engineered to counter consumer-level small rotor drones, combining capabilities for long-distance detection, signal jamming, and activity logging in a single solution aimed at safeguarding critical locations from threats such as unauthorized drone entry, terrorist activities, and smuggling operations.

Comprising a Detection Unit (Full-Band RF Detector) and a Jamming Unit (Full-Band Directional Jammer), the system is adept at identifying drones from afar and guiding the Jamming Unit to disrupt the drones’ control and navigation systems, compelling them to either land or retreat.

Main Features of Detecting Unit

  • Full-band detection
  • Precise identification and positioning of drone
  • Precise positioning of drone controller
  • TDOA and AOA composite passive positioning technology
  • High maturity design
  • All-weather, all-day and omnidirectional

Main Features of Jamming Unit

  • Full-band jamming, software definable
  • Digital jamming source design
  • All-in-one design
  • High-power broadband amplifier design
  • Easy installation and wide application