With exponentially sales of consumer-grade small rotor drones / unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the threats posed by recreational drones/UAVs in various possible scenarios shall not be ignored. To satisfy basic application demands and Cost-Effective project requirements, ND-BU003 Basic Anti-Drone System has been launched by NovoQuad. With sufficient detection coverage and high quality, this anti-drone system has significant advantages in price, short production cycle and high volume.

This anti-drone system is composed of Detecting Unit (RF Detector) and Jamming Unit (Directional Jammer). Once the RF Detector detects an invading drone with its remote-control circuits/communication signals, the Directional Jammer will interfere to force it landing or returning.

The integrated camera is optional based on application requirements, which could be controlled and monitored through anti-drone command center software.

Main Features of Detecting Unit:

  • Sufficient detection coverage
  • Support reverse positioning function
  • Omni-directional passive reception without electromagnetic radiation
  • Comprehensive drone signature database with synchronous data update mechanism

Main Features of Jamming Unit:

  • Precise jamming without violence
  • Up to 6 customized jamming frequency bands
  • Cover communication signals of all available civil drones
  • Support auto/manual jamming mode switching
  • Automatically interfere once invading drone is detected