To overcome the traditional anti-drone jammers’ disadvantage of relying on human visual search, NovoQuad has newly released its ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-Drone System. This handheld anti-drone system integrates detection, jamming, display and control ALL IN ONE.

With a highly integrated design, automatic radio detection replaces human visual search, which therefore dramatically reduces workload and improves accuracy and efficiency. Once the system detects an invading drone, it will give a sound alarm and provide its approximate orientation information. Guided by this information, the operator is able to interfere with the drone’s communication and navigation signals by simply setting the jamming direction and pulling the trigger.

This handheld anti-drone system reserves user-defined jamming frequency bands for flexible applications and is equipped with an app control platform (Android mobile phone) for convenient operation, as well as real-time video recording and playback functions.

Portable design, lightweight volume and simple operation of this system have greatly increased the response speed towards invading drones. This handheld anti-drone system could be used alone or combined with other anti-drone devices for cooperative deployment during low-altitude protection missions and routine patrols for critical areas and events.

Main Features

  • Programmable, interference frequency and bandwidth could be customized
  • Target direction finding and warning
  • Passive detection and directional control
  • APP control platform

The system supports type-c interface and can be connected to mobile terminal (Android) via USB cable.

  • Removable battery
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Safe to operators and green to the environment