MILSPRAY® provides mobile corrosion prevention, painting and wash services for all branches of the US and Foreign Militaries.

We offer a proven record of performance across the world, including but not limited to the Continental United States, Hawaii, Guam, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Africa, and Japan. With over 15,000 Military assets serviced to date, our Mobile Corrosion Repair Facility (MCRF) is the perfect on-site, on-base, off-grid solution for extending the useful life of your vehicles and equipment.

An MCRF is an independently owned, government-hired, 100% transportable, rapidly deployable, corrosion repair facility used to perform corrosion remediation and repaint. The MCRF is erected at the customer’s location of choice and employs a series of tension fabric shelters. The shelter configuration is scalable to meet throughput demands, though typically consists of a three-shelter system; preparation shelter, paint shelter and cure shelter. The quantity and size of the shelters is scalable to meet military requirements.

An MCRF can be set up on any solid ground, preferably upon concrete, asphalt, or crushed stone. The typical three-shelter system requires 22,500 FT2. (2090 m2). The MCRF staff is trained in onsite safety through OSHA. Continued training is performed weekly or per the military installation or contractual requirements.

Common Uses include:

  • Camouflage conversion requirements (woodland to desert tan or vice versa)
  • Corrosion repair operations
  • Vehicle and equipment painting operations
  • Paint drying areas
  • Paint prep booths
  • Wash bays

Advantages include:

  • No studies, building permits, or long construction periods required
  • Rapid set up and start up (weeks)
  • OSHA compliant air filtration and ventilation system
  • Temporary or Semi-Permanent versions available
  • Very economical and a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar facility
  • Scalable to meet most asset sizes or throughput requirements
  • Time tested: systems in use over a decade
  • Government Owned and Operated or Contractor Owned and Operated options
  • Installation and Start Up services available globally
  • Optional fire suppression & lighting
  • Suitable for use even in harsh climates