Main Broadcast and Intercom Speakers – Water-proof, Blast-proof, Shock-proof

Main Broadcast and Intercom Speakers - Water-proof, Blast-proof, Shock-proof

Vitavox main broadcast and Intercom loudspeakers are both current stock items for Royal Navies of UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Two versions are available with same form, fit and function

  • 2183 Main Broadcast Loudspeaker
  • 2184 Intercom Loudspeakers

Loudspeaker basic information

  • Main Broadcast version takes signal and power from 31.6V, 70V and 100V main broadcast lines
  • Intercom version takes 0.775V signal
  • Intercom version contains inbuilt amplifier requiring 24V DC power supply
  • Type shock tested to 70G force by UK MoD
  • Used above and below deck in high noise areas
  • Survives close proximity explosions and destructive blows
  • Front section (Flare) contains pressure unit
  • Back section (Case) fitted with line matching transformer or amplifier
  • Electrical components isolated from metal case of loudspeaker
  • Mounted by three (9.8mm hole) lugs on 238mm PCD
  • All units fitted with preset volume control, accessible by removal of pressure relief plug
  • Designed and manufactured in form of 260mm dia. compact re-entrant horn, from aluminium alloy die-cast sections bolted together and sealed with ‘O’ ring gaskets.
  • Water-proof, Blast-proof, shock-proof

Main broadcast and loudspeaker information

  • Application: Main Broadcast (2183) Intercom (2184)
  • Part Number: VQ85496 VQ85490
  • NSN: 5965-99-537-2183 5965-99-537-2184
  • Input Signal & Maximum Rated Power:
    31.6V up to 10W
    70V up to 30W
    100V up to 20W
    0.775V up to 30W
  • Amplifier Voltage: N/A 24V DC
  • Input Impedance: 100/ 400 10K nominal
  • Frequency Response: 400Hz – 8kHz 400Hz – 10kHz
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Finish: Stove enamel grey to CDL37-29-30 (other finishes available)
  • Shockproof: 70G force
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Dimensions (mm): 268 dia. x 195 depth
  • Sound Output: 112dB/watt at 1m (30W = 127dB @1m)

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