IRD’s security and surveillance systems are designed to keep a 24-hour watch on property, provide for recorded forensic data, monitor activities in real time, and provide statistical data to security personal for quick and accurate decision making.

An important benefit of our security and surveillance system is the ability to capture licence plate images, while simultaneously doing an alpha-numeric conversion of the captured plates. From identifying known vehicles and their owners at security gates to stolen vehicle identification in parking lots, the IRD licence plate recognition (LPR) system can improve the safety and security of private or public facilities.

IRD’s LPR cameras are IP-based, with customised illumination for optimum LPR performance in low light and all-weather conditions.

The imaging units provide precise efficiency in low-speed and high-speed use cases such as access control, parking and security, border crossings, and safe city enforcement.

Multiple lane control options are available for the LPR for use in control rooms, parking facilities, access control points, border crossings and toll plazas. A compact version is available which is geared toward smaller sites with only one or two lanes.