The innovative Cristanini Large Decon Volume System, named LDV-X, has been developed specifically for indoor decon volume mission. It is an innovative concept if compared with existing solutions on the market (such as the VHP or mVHP). In fact, for the Cristanini LDV-X System, the hydrogen peroxide is not the decon solution, but only the base from where, after a sophisticated and innovative process (patented), we developed a reaction able to release a new radical able to detoxify without corroding materials and without being dangerous in terms of waste/residue at the end of the process. By means of a patented applicator that uses ultrasonic nozzles, the X-activated decon/detox substance can float on air with a controlled and stable PH for the time required by CWA and BWA decon process minimising run-off, corrosion and other undesired effects.