Crane A&E launched the first antiskid brake system in 1947. Today, Crane’s brake control systems, hydraulic landing gear components and landing gear proximity indication systems are part of various aircraft globally.

Crane A&E also offers landing gear that boosts performance. Together with its brake control systems, Crane’s technologies add value to aircraft systems.

Brake Control Landing Gear Systems


  • Antiskid Systems
  • Brake by Wire Systems
  • Integrated Brake Temperature Monitoring System
  • Integrated SmartStem Wireless Tire Pressure System

Landing Gear Control Systems

ELDEC | Hydro-Aire 

  • Landing Gear Position Actuation
  • Landing Gear Door Position Actuation
  • Control of Extension/Retraction Sequence
  • Nose Wheel Steering Electronic Control
  • Hydraulic Control

Hydraulic Landing Gear Systems & Equipment


  • Servo Valves
  • Shut-off Valves
  • Hydraulic Fuses
  • Shuttle Valves
  • Integrated Brake Control Manifolds
  • Emergency Park Brake Valves
  • Thermal Relief Valves