The new EMCCD from Defence Vision Systems is a high-resolution, high-definition (HD) format camera, providing a full 24-hour performance.

Available for new systems or as a replacement upgrade for the widely used and successful DVS24/1000 EMCCD camera.

Unlike all previous EMCCD cameras, this new camera does not suffer frame shift smear, therefore does not need a frame shift shutter.

Operates as a normal CCD camera in daylight; no danger of image burn. In low light conditions, the EMCCD channel is also used to provide excellent low light performance. It also incorporates automatic red filter movement to enhance the low light performance.

In addition to the proven performance of EMCCD cameras, the new HD format camera offers even higher resolution and night vision capability. The camera includes an intra-scene gain feature, providing the ability to image in extremely low light, even when bright objects are within the dark scene.  The single camera that is able to provide quality images from day to night.

Key features include:

• Small size, low weight, light power
• Available as colour or monochrome versions
• Colour with SPARSE filter, x2 low light performance improvement over Bayer filter versions
• Passively cooled
• Operates from full daylight down to clear starlight
• Wide dynamic range with highlight suppression in dark scenes
• HD resolution 1,920 x 1,080 active pixels
• HD-SDI output or GigE or USB3
• Plug and play, automatic operation via through lens scene assessment