The front / rear differential developed by ECS is for AWD special vehicles and commercial vehicle class N2 for optimised off-road mobility.

The differential contains an aluminium housing and identical design as a front and rear drive unit. All parts are FEM-optimised for on and off-road performance, making it particularly suitable for high mobility multi-purpose vehicles.

In addition to these features, the differential contains a pneumatically actuated differential lock and an optional differential lock prepared for ECS-T. Other features include:

  • Gear ratio: i = 1.905
  • Max. input speed: 6000 min-1
  • Max. input torque: 4800 Nm*
  • Weight (incl. oil): 55kg
  • Input flange acc. DIN ISO-T120
  • Climate area C1 to A1 according to STANAG 2895