The FLEX HH-300 handheld under vehicle inspection camera kit has been designed as a lightweight, low power, portable system for simple setup and operations. The kit is perfect for perimeter security, observation posts, dead space monitoring, patrol line monitoring, border crossings, vehicle entry points or tactical operations entry points for military bases and other remote areas where threat detection and management are required.

The FLEX-HH-300 is a self-contained, lightweight pole camera for inspecting hard-to-reach or dangerous areas for potential security hazards or breaches. The kit includes two types of cameras, one of which is mounted on a dolly for easy access to the belly side of vehicles and another that is a flexible pole camera for examining hard-to-reach areas such as above high vehicles, drop-ceilings, small cavities or pipe openings, corner views or behind immovable objects.

Key features include:

  • Ultra-portable under vehicle surveillance kit with HD Display
  • Dolly camera: 2.5 megapixels with LED lights
  • Flex pole camera: 3.0 megapixels with LED lights
  • 7in HD LCD display with removable sunshade
  • LEMO HDMI connections for secure cable attachment
  • Integrated brightness adjustment on LCD