The true “all in one” diagnostic Tool needed to diagnose and troubleshoot Military Tactical and Combat vehicles equipped with J1708 / J1939 Data Bus – Wireless.

The perfect diagnostic solution for the FMTV, PLS, HET, HEMTT, HIMARS, MRAP, M-ATV, M915 FOV, STRYKER, Engineer Equipment and Power Generation Equipment.

The DATS-I includes the following:

• Computing Platform CF-19 (3 year warranty)
• NATO / Cigarette Vehicle Power Adapter
• Vehicle Interface Adapter (Wireless / USB)
• Rugged Carrying Case
• OEM Diagnostic Software
• Engine Diagnostics
• Transmission Diagnostics
• ABS Diagnostics
• CTIS Diagnostics
• Ground Combat Vehicles IETMs & ETMs
• In Theater Support (Afghanistan & Iraq)