Developed by Hirtenberger Defence Systems (HDS), the rugged and reliable M8 comprises an 81 mm long-range weapon available in different barrel lengths, an entire range of ammunition, auxiliary field equipment, sighting systems and a fully digital fire-control system containing all ballistic data. The precise engineering and carefully coordinated development of the M8 facilitates high degrees of effectiveness in challenging environments, optimising performance at all times.

HDS ammunition is made to the highest quality and safety standards, and includes high-explosive, smoke variants (white phosphorous, red phosphorous and titanium tetrachloride), visible and infrared illumination, as well as training ammunition.


The newly designed asymmetrical bipod carries the shock absorber, the barrel clamp and the elevating, traverse and cross levelling gear. The patented elevating gear together with the other adjusting gears constitute an optimal ergonomic solution.

The results are: Easy handling during assembly and aiming, easy training of personnel and trouble-free operation on all types of terrain. All gears are sealed against dust and water.


The forged high-strength special steel barrel with smooth, close-tolerance bore can be provided with specially designed ribs for reinforcement and improved heat dissipation, this allows much higher firing stresses. The breech plug, which is screwed into the barrel, has a rigidly mounted firing pin. If necessary, the latter can be easily removed from the assembled mortar.