The 60MM System is optimised for the quick and simple handling of the system by combining the advantages of each system component as weapons, the comprehensive ammunition range , R08 sighting unit, field auxillary equipment and a lightweight pda as fire control systems.


The bipod carries the barrel clamp, the sealed gears and the shock absorbers, which mangage the damping in all terrain and military eviroment conditions.

The handling of gears, positioning of the sight eyepiece and the overall gunners position is optimised for ergonomic operation. All these features will result in a fast setup and easy handling and aiming process during operational employment trouble-free operation on all types of terrain.


The Hirtenberger 60mm mortar systems is equiped with the R08 mortar sight for indirect aiming process in azimuth and elevation. For a quick and easy setting of the elevation the mortar, the R08 sight is featuring a interchnageable metal plate which is carring the differnt ballistic data of the ammunition. The ballistic data, the angle of elevation for each range in meters, of each type of mortar ammunition like HE, SMK or ILL is available.Within the sight a permanent MIL scale is integrated.

With this ballistic plates the operator can adjust the mortar elevation according to range estimations or range measurements without additional ballistic calculations in the field. All viles and bubbles illuminated by LED ´s are enable the user to operate 24 hours, powerd by two AA batteries directly on the sight.

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