The Aimpoint CompM4 series of sights are the toughest sights that Aimpoint has ever produced. The Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s sights have lately been chosen as the standard infantry soldier sight in many Nato countries. These optics are extremely rugged and operate continously for up to eight years using a single AA battery. The competition is not even close. The Aimpoint CompM4 is the latest version of the US Army´s M68CCO (Close-Combat Optic), continuing a legacy that Aimpoint has maintained since 1997.

CompM4 and CompM4s

Aimpoint CompM4 and CompM4s sights both include enhanced ACET technology that provides up to eight years of continuous use from a single AA battery! Once turned on, Aimpoint sights stay on – there is no automatic shut-off so your optic is ready whenever you need to use it. The CompM4 and CompM4s incorporate an integrated mount that eliminates the need for a separate ring, and can be customised with vertical and forward spacers to fit a variety of weapon systems. CompM4 and CompM4s sights are compatible with all generations of night vision devices (NVD).

Complete and ready to mount

The standard configuration of the CompM4 series of sights contains the sight (CompM4 or CompM4s), a QRP2 mount and a standard AR15 spacer. These sights also come equipped with a killFlash® anti-reflection device and MILSPEC rubber lens covers.The CompM4 has a top-mounted battery compartment, placing the adjustment knob in the classic position that many shooters expect on an Aimpoint sight. The CompM4s has a low battery compartment that offers a more streamlined profile.