The CompM3 is a very popular sight which is in use with many police and armed forces personnel. Why? Premium performance features such as five years of constant-on power from a single battery, night vision compatibility, and legendary Aimpoint ruggedness. Add all this to the flexibility of being able to utilise any standard 30mm ring mount and you can see why the choice is obvious.


When you grab your rifle or carbine, you don’t want to be playing with buttons or worrying whether your battery is dead or alive. With more than five years of constant-on power, you never have to shut a CompM3 sight off. This means that you will be ready faster, and can count on your sight to perform when you need it most. The CompM3 is compatible with all generations of night vision devices (NVD), and comes with a replaceable outer black rubber armor cover, which protects the sight during transport and operations, and adds an additional stealth factor. This outer cover is also available as an accessory in a dark earth brown color.

CompM3 is shipped with a black rubber armor cover to further protect the housing. A flat dark earth cover is available as an accessory.


The CompML3 is just as tough as the CompM3, and features the same Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology (ACET) that gives the sight unparalleled battery life and ease of use. Built primarily for use in daylight and low light conditions for law enforcement and military applications, the CompML3 will hold up under the roughest physical handling and most severe weather conditions.

The CompML3 is the right choice for anyone who wants a full featured sight, but doesn’t require night vision compatibility. With all the other great features of the CompM3, the CompML3 is a serious alternative for use in daylight and low light applications. Just like the CompM3, the intensity of the red dot on the CompML3 is controlled using a rotary switch, which can be easily manipulated without taking your eyes off the target, and even while wearing gloves.