The conduct of military operations in the increasingly complex environment of network centric warfare represents a decisive contribution to success. All the more crucial is therefore the protection of the deployed command post systems. Such protection does not only include adequate infrastructural protective measures but also provisions that shield the electronic components of a command post from any adverse outer influences.

DREHTAINER has developed solutions according to the requirements of STANAG 2280 and 4569 that are already being used all over the world.

Variable size

Every container model to be used will be selected considering the size of the respective military unit or formation earmarked for operation. While smaller units may get by with a highly protected 10ft-container, full-sized command post will rather require a 20ft container. Depending on mission requirements such container can be provided either in a standalone version, in a modular configuration consisting of several interconnected containers or as a so-called 3-in-1-container.


All containers are available in either protected or soft-skinned versions. All containers may optionally be EMC-protected.

DREHTAINER containers offer protection at the highest level against direct and indirect fires as well as the blast impacts of nearby explosions in accordance with the requirements of STANAG 2280 and 4569.