As the longitudinal stiffness of CRT is higher than ST, Soucy has designed a Collapsible Tensioner (CT) to prevent any damage to other running and suspension components. The CT is designed to collapse at a pre-set tension, which would normally occur when there is an ingress of rocks and debris between the tracks, sprocket or Idler wheel.

During normal operation, the tensioner acts like a normal grease track adjuster. Once the pre-set limit is reached, the tensioner will collapse temporarily and acts as a spring until the track tension decreases sufficiently for the tensioner to return to its original set position.

Along with the CT, the Idler wheel provides tension to the CRT, also keeping the track aligned. Soucy’s Idler wheel utilises an open design that eliminates dirt, mud and snow. The wheel is made of austempered ductile iron that has a high resistance to wear.