Rugged design

The Citadel Compact CI-C100 is encased in a rugged IP-65 housing, designed to withstand vibration in accordance with MIL-STD 810F. It is provides high-performance images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.

All electrical connections go through a MIL-compliant ten-pin round connector. The integrated mounting bracket allows precise elevation and azimuth alignment of the camera.

Configurable field of view

The special distortion-free wide angle lens of the Citadel Compact CI-C100 can be factory configured for a field of view (FOV) ranging from 47° – 95°, allowing easy adaptation to the various on-vehicle visualisation needs.

Day/night operation

With the high sensitivity and automatic exposure modes of the Citadel Compact CI-C100, it can operate from dawn to dusk and even produce images in full moonlit conditions.

The extended night mode allows low light level operation with up to 4 seconds integration.

Conductive cooling

The Citadel Compact CI-C100 uses conductive cooling to remove heat from the CCD sensor. This reduces random noise in the CCD sensors, resulting in improved image quality, particularly in low-light conditions.

Expanded hi-dynamic range (XDR)

XDR is useful in conditions where there are large variations in brightness in the picture, i.e. when there are very dark and very bright areas in the picture. XDR amplifies the signal level in dark areas and reduces it in very bright areas thereby improving the visibility in the picture.

Fog penetration

The fog penetration function is designed to automatically increase visibility under conditions such as fog, haze and fire smoke. The camera continuously analyses the picture and once it detects a low-contrast condition, it will automatically enhance the contrast.

Digital noise reduction (DNR)

The digital noise reduction function, based on a 2D and 3D algorithm, helps reduce noise in low-light conditions.