BEI has been producing encoders for armored vehicles since 1980. BEI’s Turret-Angle Encoders are used in the following vehicles: Bradley, M1A2, Korean K1, Canadian Reece, GKN Warrior, Swedish CV90, Avenger, AAAV, LAV III APC, Stryker, and the new 120mm Armored Mortar System (AMS120).

The newest systems such as the CV-90 and the AMS 120 use encoders with integral gearing that includes the anti-backlash gear that meshes with the ring gear of the turret. The units also contain internal gear trains to handle the gear ratio between the ring gear and the mating gear. This insures that full count of the encoder is achieved in exactly one revolution of the turret. The units are all prealigned at the factory so that no field adjustment are necessary.

Please download the free document to learn about all the encoders for armoured vehicles BEI Precision has to offer.