BC|Commander is Rajant’s management and monitoring application for BreadCrumb-based wireless mesh networks. Available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux workstations, BC|Commander provides a global view of your network with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

BC|Commander® features

  • Secure, encrypted link to each BreadCrumb in the network
  • Point-and-click configuration of multiple BreadCrumbs at once
  • Remote firmware update of multiple BreadCrumbs at once
  • Real-time network table and topology views
  • Wireless client display
  • Configuration of wireless client link security up to WPA/WPA2 Enterprise (802.11i Enterprise)
  • RF status display for all mesh and client links
  • Real-time mapping of BreadCrumb devices with user-customisable map images (with optional GPS receiver)
  • Network analysis and configuration reporting
  • InstaMesh® trace to examine paths taken through the mesh network
  • Load previously saved network snapshots for analysis
  • Control of all other configurable BreadCrumb features, including radio settings, mesh encryption and authentication, VLANs and InstaMesh settings