SitaWare Edge is an Android-based battle management system for the dismounted commander at the tactical edge. Designed for operational simplicity it provides the commander with fast and clear friendly force tracking (FFT) picture, shared tactical situation and latest intelligence overlays thereby enhancing force protection. With the ability to exchange command layers, complex manoeuvres can be quickly illustrated on the map and shared with subordinates via tactical data communication, thus saving valuable voice time and speeding up operation execution.

SitaWare Edge is part of the SitaWare suite of C2 products supporting a wide range of contemporary information exchange standards, making it fully interoperable with Nato and coalition partners. SitaWare Edge is fully integrated with SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline, providing networked C2 and shared situational awareness all the way from the higher headquarters right down to the commander at the tactical edge.