SOV is TEKNE’s proposal for a light strike vehicle, used for special operations and crucial in roles where other platforms including armoured and heavier vehicles cannot compete.

In contrast to other military vehicles, SOV features higher manoeuvrability and speed and is perfect for rugged and extreme off-road terrain.

Providing agile mobility to meet light strike and other needs, SOV takes advantage of its small size to move stealthily and grants levels of coverage and safety that military operations require.

The vehicle is equipped with a six-cylinder turbo diesel engine and state-of-the-art suspension, providing up to 325hp at 2,900rpm.

It can hold a crew of up to 10 people, seating two in the front and six or eight in the rear, depending on the configuration requested.

Total payload is approximatively 1,700kg, allowing space for weapons, systems and equipment that will provide situational awareness and lethality if needed.

SOV’s design enables easy customisation, not only in its number of seats, but in its ability to suit a variety of missions, including attack, reconnaissance and combat support roles.