Klinge Corporation’s 20ft military refrigerated container offers multi-temperature zone refrigeration. The system has a moveable bulkhead to allow for separate fridge and freezer zones. The military refrigerated container is equipped with a diesel generator set that powers the refrigeration unit during transport or food distribution in the field.

  • Multi-temperature refrigeration offer separate freezer and fridge sections
  • Moveable bulkhead separates two refrigeration zones
  • Integral diesel generator set
  • Designed and qualified to military standards

Designed and qualified to military standards

The 20ft Military Refrigerated Containers are designed and qualified to a multitude of military tests including: vibration, category A1 and B2 cooling, category C0 cold climate, driving rain, salt/corrosion, and power source/fuel.

Worldwide deployment

Klinge Corporation’s military containers have been used by armed forces around the world for the storage and transport of food, ammunition, and medicine. Klinge Group’s military customers include the US military, United Nations, Danish military, Australian defense force, Hungarian military and Austrian military.