The US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) has awarded a mission-critical contract to Applied Insight ’s subsidiary Stratus Solutions to deliver a secure and scalable Cloud platform.

Stratus Solutions will help USCYBERCOM in rapidly adopting Cloud services, while also overseeing the migration of its activities into the Cloud.

The company will use its Altitude platform as the foundation of the Cloud environment.

Applied Insight chief technology officer Dede Dascalu said: “The Cloud is an immensely powerful enabling capability. It hosts a rapidly evolving range of sophisticated commercial tools and technologies that government organisations want to be able to use.

“The challenge is to help them do that at the pace at which these technologies are evolving and in a carefully controlled and secure environment. We’re solving that challenge every day for federal customers with our Altitude Cloud platform as the scalable foundation for their Cloud environments.

“We feel privileged to be able to deploy our expertise for USCYBERCOM as we work with them to advance their Cloud adoption.”

USCYBERCOM intends to have access to commercial Cloud services within an oversight framework.

Stratus Solutions’ Altitude provides automated rapid Cloud deployment capabilities.

The solution allows organisations to achieve total control, security, and real-time visibility over their Cloud environments.

The contract involves supporting USCYBERCOM in developing and implementing a scalable platform.

Stratus Solutions will also oversee the ongoing operation of the command’s Cloud environment as it scales.

The company will provide architecture design, implementation and operation, security acceleration, and Cloud governance services.

Applied Insight CEO John Hynes said: “Our Altitude Cloud platform is one of the results of that work, developed within aiLabs, our in-house R&D engine. It’s all part of our commitment to deliver accountable innovation to our customers, solutions that align with how people need to work to advance their mission.”