The US Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) and Empatica have partnered to help deploy a wearable solution for early detection of Covid-19.

The multi-phased project will involve the use of Empatica’s Aura algorithm and medical smartwatch, EmbracePlus.

The initiative is expected to support efforts to safeguard the general population and mitigate the outbreak of the infection in the early and pre-symptomatic stages via early detection and alerting.

The Aura algorithm is designed to interpret and assess the user’s health and risk of infection daily. It is based on the physiological data collected by EmbracePlus.

An alert is set off to the individual if the algorithm detects early and potential signs of infection.

The project will commence with the algorithm’s clinical validation on healthy participants. The complete platform will be tested and validated in a virtual clinical study.

Submissions to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for regulatory approvals will also be conducted at the same time.

EmbracePlus’s clinical-grade sensors will measure heart rate, heart rate variability, temperature, respiratory rate, and electrodermal activity.

Empatica CEO Matteo Lai said: “It is a privilege for our team to participate in the effort to combat Covid-19 together with the USAMRDC.

“The department arguably has the world’s best track record in sponsoring and fostering ground-breaking technologies.

“Their inspiration to intervene and act with this initiative brings into sharp focus the impact Covid-19 has had in our daily lives, as well as the need to work together to face the challenge.

“This is not only a technological race against time, but also a civic responsibility in employing our experience against a threat to our health and economy.”