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The US is set to start training Ukrainian personnel on howitzers in the following days, Reuters reported, quoting a senior US defence official.

This comes after US President Joe Biden approved an additional $800m worth of military aid for Ukraine last week. The package includes 155mm Howitzers, among other military equipment.  

Following the announcement, the US Department of Defense (Dod ) said that the Ukrainians will need training to use the howitzers and other new military capabilities.

The US defence official told the news agency that the howitzer training will be provided outside Ukraine.

Some Ukrainian personnel will be trained on using the new systems, and then they will be sent back to train other colleagues.

The US military previously trained the Ukrainian troops in the US to use the Switchblade drone systems.

Russia conducted missile strikes against the Ukrainian military, and associated military targets, overnight.

Approximately 16 Ukrainian military facilities, including five command posts, a fuel depot, and three ammunition warehouses, were destroyed in the attack, Reuters reported, citing a Russian defence ministry statement.

These facilities were located in the regions of Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Dnipropetrovsk, and in the port of Mykolayiv.

This comes after Russia said that it will continue with the military operations until all objectives are achieved.

Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksander Kubrakov told Reuters that the invasion has affected up to 30% of the country’s infrastructure.

The damage costs may total more than $100bn.