The US Department of Defense (DoD) has stepped up efforts to transport coronavirus (Covid-19) medical supplies to points of need.

The US Transportation Command (Transcom), one of the unified commands of the US DoD, has procured and delivered testing kits from overseas.

Transcom has also been associated with the delivery of field hospitals in New York and Washington state, which are significantly affected by the pandemic.

Army General Stephen R Lyons also noted that the command is working to evacuate US citizens stuck in other countries. Overall, Transcom has been effective in repatriating around 800 travellers from abroad.

The National Guard is also working in every state and territory to support Covid-19 response efforts.

The Army National Guard and Air National Guard is engaged in the distribution of food and medicines, apart from supporting communities at testing sites.

The Massachusetts National Guard is supplying personal protective equipment to first responders and hospitals, while the Iowa National Guard was involved in transporting medical supplies.

The Arizona National Guard, logistic teams from the West Virginia National Guard and Louisiana National Guard were also involved in transporting personal protective gears and equipment in respective states.

Overall, state governors have called around 29,000 guardsmen to support Covid-19 response, according to Defense Department media fact sheet.

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country is now nearing 583,000, while the death toll crossed 23,600.

Since the outbreak, DoD has been associated to support the Covid-19 response efforts in the country.

Last month, the department formed a task force to meet medical and protective equipment requirements.