The US Department of Defense (Dod) has released details on changes to major defence acquisition programme cost, schedule and performance for December 2019.

The department noted that it is not submitting any new Selected Acquisition Reports (SARs) for the reporting period.

The previous estimate of the programme costs in the reporting period for December 2018 for 87 programmes was $2,023bn.

The estimate for 2019 period for 86 programmes is $2,020bn.

The data is based on the complete annual SARs in the first quarter of this fiscal year, according to the President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 budget.

As per the summary explanations of selected SAR cost changes as of 26 May, the total programme costs for the US Army have decreased $1,053.8m from $216,595.7m to $215,541.9m.

The service’s CH-47F Modernized Cargo Helicopter (CH-47F Block II), Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System/Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System Alternative Warhead (GMLRS/GMLRS AW) and Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) programmes have seen changes increase or decrease of greater than $1bn or 10%.

The programme costs of CH-47F Block II decreased $4,448.6m from $26,885.8m to $22,437.2m.

This was due to the change in the schedule that adjusts the end of production to 2042 from 2049.

For GMLRS/GMLRS AW, the programme costs decreased by 18.7% to $12,751.4m.

Additionally, costs of the JLTV programme saw an increase of 25% to $32,132.3m.

The total programme costs for the US Navy and the US Air Force increased by 1.5% to $944,595.8m and $246,779.6m respectively.