American automotive start-up Canoo has handed over its first light tactical vehicle (LTV) to the US Army as part of a contract awarded in July.

The company received a $67,500 contract from the service for a new, light to heavy duty Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or series-hybrid electric wheeled vehicle.

The award is part of the Army’s efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, both in the operational and garrison environments.

The Army will now put the vehicle through government analysis and demonstration.

Canoo chairman and CEO Tony Aquila said: “The LTV is another milestone proving the power of our technology and how it can be used, even in tactical situations.

“This is a winning algorithm for our customers and company.”

According to the US Army, the specific vehicle requirements are that the BEV or series-hybrid electric should be able to recharge using the SAE-1772 combo connector.

It should be fitted with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, have a minimum of eight inches of ground clearance, mud-terrain tires, a 5,000lb to 10,000lb curb weight range, and can power external systems with a minimum of one 120v outlet.

Canoo said that its LTV is designed for military and civil use and can operate in extreme environments. It features modular upfittings, air-springs, raised suspension, and 32 inch all-terrain tires, carbon Kevlar, and stealth configurations.

The new modular LTV is claimed to have the capacity to transport tactical equipment or mission-specific add-ons, as well as large building materials and standard sized plywood.

In addition, it can be easily transformed from a pickup to a flatbed truck, making it a cargo vehicle for multiple use cases.