The US Army Contracting Command-Detroit Arsenal has placed a $407.3m order with Oshkosh Defense for 1,240 joint light tactical vehicles (JLTVs) and associated kits.

As part of the order, the company will supply JLTVs for the US Marine Corps (USMC), Slovenia and Lithuania and associated kits for the US Army, USMC, Slovenia and Lithuania.

The Oshkosh JLTV is a light tactical vehicle and offers the mobility, transportability and survivability critical to mission success over all types of terrain in all types of weather.

The digital architecture of the vehicle allows the incorporation of advances in weapons, lasers, sensors, networking and communications.

Oshkosh designed the vehicle to address the requirements for current and future threats.

Oshkosh Defense joint programmes vice-president and general manager George Mansfield said: “We work side-by-side with the Joint Program Office to give the military the necessary technological edge to compete with and defeat the most advanced adversaries.

“Without sacrificing mobility or transportability, the JLTV can accommodate over 100 mission package configurations, a true testament to its agility and modularity.”

The company noted that foreign interest in the JLTV platform continues to grow.

The order also includes JLTVs for Slovenia and Lithuania, to be procured through the foreign military sales process.

Mansfield further added: “The JLTV stands out as one of the few major programmes delivering on its promises; it is on time, on budget, and delivering against all programme requirements. Our mission is to enable the brave men and women of our armed forces and our allies to complete their missions and return home safely.”

Oshkosh’s latest award follows the $803.9m contract awarded by the US Army Contracting Command for 2,721 additional JLTVs in December last year.