The US Army has placed its first delivery order for 1,000 new Falcon IV AN/PRC-171 compact team radios with L3Harris Technologies.

The radios enable soldiers to transmit key information to command teams at any tactical level via an integrated network.

The compact team radio has been developed using technologies derived from fielded and evolving company products. It is lightweight and easy to use.

It connects tactical-level information to command teams to support the US Army’s integrated tactical network (ITN).

Furthermore, the affordable radio solution allows voice and sensor data from all users to be shared in true Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) style. The capabilities support the army’s connected-network vision.

L3Harris Tactical Communications president Bryant Henson said: “The delivery of these single-channel radios furthers L3Harris’ support of the US Army’s new Integrated Tactical Network by enabling all tactical operators to share situational awareness information across the entire network.

“These radios will field alongside our HMS Manpack and Leader Radios at the squad level, extending the network and warfighter effectiveness to all soldiers.”

According to the company, the AN/PRC-171 offers over 20 hours of ‘continuous and reliable’ voice and data communications.

This data will be available on a single battery and can smoothly interface with other solutions of the company. The solutions also include the Enhanced Night Vision—Binocular (ENVG-B).

The radio offers a wide range of waveforms that can survive through ‘disadvantaged’ line-of-sight (LoS). The waveforms can be upgraded as and when new technology arrives.

In December last year, L3Harris Technologies secured an order from the US Army for Falcon IV AN/PRC-163 two-channel handheld radios, as well as associated equipment and services.