The US Army has awarded Lockheed Martin , and Raytheon Missiles & Defense with two production contracts, worth $309m in total, for Javelin anti-tank weapon systems.

Javelin missiles are jointly made by Javelin Joint Venture (JV), a partnership of Raytheon Missiles & Defense and Lockheed Martin. The fire-and-forget missile can hit targets located up to 4km away in most operational conditions.

The shoulder-fired missile system is currently being used by the Ukrainian forces to fight the Russian invasion.

The new orders will involve delivering the Javelin missiles, as well as associated equipment and services.

Javelin JV president and Raytheon Missiles & Defense programme director Marek Wolert said: “We remain committed to delivering this exceptional weapon system to warfighters around the globe.”

According to a Lockheed Martin statement, the contracts include more than 1,300 Javelin missiles that will be funded from the recent Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, and orders for multiple international customers including Norway, Albania, Latvia, and Thailand.

Lockheed Martin is planning to increase its missile production. It currently produces 2,100 units annually. Raytheon is also looking to maximise its reusable light-weight command launch unit production.

Javelin JV vice-president and Lockheed Martin Javelin programme director Dave Pantano said: “The Javelin Joint Venture is working hard to meet this increase in demand. Javelin’s unique capabilities have proven to be a difference-maker in our users’ defining moments, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with the Army to deliver this critical weapon system.”

The JV has made more than 50,000 Javelin missiles and more than 12,000 reusable Command Launch Units to date.