The US Army has awarded a contract to mission capability integrator Peraton for hypersonic testing and evaluation support services.

Called Hypersonic Test Engineering, Mission Planning and Systems (HyTEMPS), the up to $44m contract has a base performance period of two years.

The three-part HyTEMPS contract includes plans for a Portable Range Operations and Test Network (PROTN), a Broad Ocean Area Terminal Sensing System (BOATSS) and a Sky Range.

These systems are currently in the development stages.

The contract expands Peraton’s relationship with the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command (USASMDC) Technical Center.

The company has been supporting the USASMDC Technical Center’s work on hypersonic vehicle technologies development and hypersonic weapon and vehicle flight testing capabilities for over a decade.

Peraton space and intelligence sector president Roger Mason said: “Hypersonic vehicle testing is an extraordinarily complex process.

“In addition to the inherent challenges of studying an object travelling at speeds above Mach 5 across uninhabited ocean regions requiring the support of multiple test ranges and collection assets, we also must account for the unique manoeuvrability of the hypersonic test vehicle.

“The HyTEMPS contract allows us to bring together our extensive hypersonic testing and evaluation knowledge and experience to create more testing capacity and capability for the customer.”

The contract involves comprehensive mission support for interservice flight test missions, support execution of flight test events, as well as the development of mission and test systems’ related hardware and software solutions.

In addition, the company will support the army in the advancement of its PROTN system and work on new initiatives.

Last month, the US Department of Defense identified hypersonics as a priority area and developed a modernisation strategy to accelerate the delivery of transformational warfighting capabilities.

In line with this, the hypersonics flight test rhythm has increased to up to six events a year.