The US Army has tested the capability of Vita Inclinata Technologies’ Rescue System technology during a recent exercise.

During testing, Vita Rescue System was equipped onto a HH-60 Black Hawk helicopter and the service’s traditional legacy system was fitted onto another HH-60 aircraft.

The helicopters took part in a simulated patient rescue mission. The company noted that its system outperformed the legacy system by 3:1.

The system demonstrated ability to support rapid and efficient field rescues, as well as provide reduced hover time. It was also put through a dynamic hoist test at a speed of 80k.

Vita also released a video of the exercises procured from the Montana Army National Guard base in Helena, Montana as part of its Soldier Touchpoint programme.

Vita Inclinata Technologies CTO and co-founder Derek Sikora said: “We have been listening to and operationalising the feedback from soldiers and flight crews on the system. That feedback has been invaluable, and it shows in the system performance.”

Vita Army Programs vice-president Bryce Anderson added: “The video shows better than any words that the Vita Rescue System will allow faster, safer, more precise rescues, with reduced hover and exposure time. We thank the Montana Guard for their awesome flight crews and willingness to test our system.”

Earlier this month, the company reached a partnership with United Rotorcraft to explore joint manufacturing capability of the Vita Rescue System.

In late March, the US Army Contracting Command placed a $94.3m order with Lockheed Martin company Sikorsky for six more HH-60M helicopters.