The US Army Futures Command is creating a new mobile application to explore solutions for training management, counselling and sponsorship.

Being developed as part of the ‘This is My Squad’ (TIMS) initiative, the application will allow leaders to tie up with their squad members and manage daily tasks.

A team of 15 officers from diverse career fields have been selected to provide feedback and assist in shaping features of the app.

The app is scheduled to be launched in October this year at the Association of the US Army Annual Meeting.

US Army sergeant major Michael Grinston said: “We’re really looking at how do we give a squad leader an app, like a leader’s book, right there in the palm of their hands. It does more than just record data.”

Once developed, the application will replace the US Army Training and Doctrine Command’s Squad Leader app. 

The release date of the contract remains unannounced, with project development expected to continue into the next fiscal year. 

Grinston added: “It’s not about one programme. It’s about the leader in the middle and if we could focus on leadership and then all these things that are happening around us get better. It’s really looking at a positive culture where we look at things in a positive way.”