The US Army and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) personnel are taking part in Exercise Tiger Balm to strengthen their security ties.

The two sides held an opening ceremony for the exercise in Singapore.

The event marks the 41st edition of the exercise, which was launched in 1981.

An annual bilateral military exercise, Tiger Balm showcases the regional security partnership between the US and Singapore.

The exercise aims to strengthen combat readiness, professional ties, and interoperability between the two nations.

It also demonstrates mutual respect and trust between the two sides.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, SAF Training and Doctrine Command commander and SAF brigadier general Andrew Lim Heng Tiew said: “I’m confident that Tiger Balm will continue to grow from strength to strength.”

US Army Pacific Command (USARPAC) deputy commanding general and US Army major general Matthew McFarlane added: “We build readiness, [strengthening] our interoperability between Singapore and United States Army .”

The officers also elaborated on the previous exercises conducted by the two countries and the various struggles they addressed together.

As part of the exercise, the generals inspected the troops and approved their professionalism.

Participating personnel were also given an orientation through music videos and other means. This was intended to educate US soldiers about Singaporean history and culture.

In May 2021, the armies of Singapore and the US took part in the 40th edition of Tiger Balm.

During the brigade-level exercise, held virtually in Singapore and O’ahu, US, the armies launched a new Exercise Tiger Balm logo.