The US Army has activated the latest security force assistance brigade (SFAB), the 4th SFAB at Fort Carson, in a virtual ceremony as it prepares to deploy to Afghanistan this year.

Since 2018, SFABs have deployed to assist foreign partners in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa. SFAB members train, deploy and redeploy together.

US Army Forces Command commander General Michael Garrett said: “And though necessary at the time, all of this had a long-term, negative impact on total force readiness.

“Back then, we treated security force assistance as a peripheral task when, in fact, it is central to the National Defense Strategy and our army’s mission.

“They are soldiers who can build teams, solve complex problems and succeed in uncertain environments.”

There is an increasing need for combat advisors. This frees BCTs and helps in better preparations of large-scale ground combat with other adversaries.

The newest combat advisors already learned specialised skills from the Military Advisor Training Academy.

Additionally, they underwent advanced medical training; survival, evasion, resistance, and escape training; and foreign weapons training.

The 4th SFAB is scheduled to conduct the next rotation at the Joint Readiness Training Center in Fort Polk, Louisiana in June this year. The SFAB continues to maintain readiness of its brigade.

It will replace the 3rd SFAB and continue the mission in Afghanistan, with about 800 Soldiers.

US Security Force Assistance Command commander Brigade General Mark Landes said: “Every person in the unity and victory formation was selected and relocated to the unit.

“Every pencil and piece of paper had to be obtained using systems and processes that also had to be developed and incorporated.”

The last one to be activated will be the 5th SFAB based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.