UltraCell contracted to advance wearable fuel cell for US Army integration
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UltraCell contracted to advance wearable fuel cell for US Army integration

08 Jun 2021 (Last Updated June 8th, 2021 11:45)

The US DoD contract focuses on the completion of the MIL-STD certification for UltraCell’s portable power system.

UltraCell contracted to advance wearable fuel cell for US Army integration
Honey Badger can operate on a soldier-worn plate carrier or ruck. Credit: Spc Joseph A Wilson.

Advent Technologies subsidiary UltraCell has been awarded a contract to advance its 50W Reformed Methanol Wearable Fuel Cell Power System (Honey Badger) for US Army integration.

The US Army DEVCOM C5ISR Center signed the contract with the company. It is being funded via the Project Manager Integrated Visual Augmentation System (PM IVAS).

The US Department of Defense (DoD) contract is focused on obtaining the complete military standard (MIL-STD) certification.

It also allows to reach a confirmation on integrated filtration for Cleaning Compound, Windshield NSN 9850-00-926-2275. This will enable ‘logistically sound materials’ to be used as the main source of fuel.

Advent Technologies chairman and CEO Vasilis Gregoriou said: “This contract represents a key milestone as we work to expand our markets and position Advent’s products as the technology of choice for key defence applications.

“We are extremely excited about this development and believe it is yet further proof of how Advent’s ‘Any Fuel. Anywhere.’ approach can solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.”

Honey Badger can run on a soldier-worn plate carrier or ruck carried for on-the-go battery charging.

The DoD’s National Defense Center for Energy and Environment (NDCEE) selected the lightweight fuel cell to take part in its 2021 demonstration/validation programme, led by the C5ISR Center.

Honey Badger is the only fuel cell to take part in this programme, which aims to have a technology-enabled force by 2028.

Advent Technologies Product Development senior VP Ian Kaye said: “I am extremely pleased that the US Army has decided to push forward with this effort.

“We have demonstrated through multiple soldier employment scenarios that Honey Badger is the right design to meet the ongoing forward operating needs of the modern Soldier. So now the next logical step is to complete the extremely rigorous MIL-STD tests.”

The Honey Badger 20W and 50W portable generators are being developed by UltraCell for the US Army IVAS.