Ultra has secured a contract to provide a full set of command, control and intelligence (C2I) systems for the Tunisian Armed Forces (TAF).

Under the $11m order, the C2I systems will be equipped with sensors and remote sites to offer an advanced Common Operational Picture for the TAF.

The order has been placed through the US Navy International Program Office.

It will see Ultra’s air defence systems integrator (ADSI) and situational awareness management system (SAMS) being integrated into the TAF at different locations. These sites also include the Joint Operations Command Center (JOCC).

Ultra will deliver a full spectrum C2I that serves as a ‘real-time’ connection between tactical data links, sensors, and intelligence data.

ADSI’s multi-domain surveillance and efficient mission planning capabilities enable TAF to ‘train and react’ to the objectives of the mission.

So far, ADSI had been deployed in more than 30 countries.

The company claims that the latest order expands the company’s global footprint in the multi-mission, multi-domain C2I.

Ultra C2I president Jill Daiber said: “We are extremely pleased to continue our trusted partner relationship with the Navy International Program Office being selected to provide the C2I solution for the Tunisian Armed Forces.

“The ADSI’s flexibility and best of class performance in providing both the Common Tactical and Common Operational Picture through the fusion of sensors, intelligence and tactical data links will provide the TAF reliable and interoperable multi-domain operations across Tunisia.

“This effort is yet another example of Ultra’s dedication to those on the front lines and our international customers as we ‘Innovate Today for a Safer Tomorrow’.”