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Estonia-based robotics and autonomous system manufacturer Milrem Robotics has delivered its Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System (THeMIS) uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV) to Ukraine.

The delivery of THeMIS was accepted by a Ukrainian charitable organisation.

The newly delivered vehicle is fitted with stretchers, suitable for rapid casualty evacuation (CASEVAC).

This UGV will also be used for transporting supplies to the war-torn nation, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Following the delivery, the company also provided on-site training to facilitate the quick deployment of the UGV.

Milrem Robotics Defence research and development (R&D) director captain (res) Jüri Pajuste said: “Casualty evacuation is one of most crucial and labour-intensive activities in conflicts.

“Traditionally, it takes several people to carry a stretcher and required medical equipment.

“However, it would require only one to operate a UGV, which can accommodate several wounded and a lot of equipment.

“This means that more personnel are available to help more people.”

Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS is designed to easily and quickly be configured from a transport vehicle to a weaponised platform, capable of undertaking intelligence missions and ordnance disposal.

The CASEVAC configuration delivered to Ukraine specialises in delivering rapid evacuation assistance to the forces for transferring urgent casualties from point of injury to better medical facilities.

The platform eliminates the risk of exposing forces in high threat environments during casualty evacuation.

This CASEVAC platform uses Nato stretchers used in the armed forces.

The company has already delivered its THeMIS UGV to a total of 14 nations, of which eight are Nato member countries, including the Netherlands, the US, the UK, Norway, Spain, Germany, and Estonia.

Last month, the company handed over a THeMIS UGV vehicle to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.