Ukraine has deployed M-777 Howitzers, supplied by the US, at the front lines in a bid to strengthen its firepower and counter Russian offensive, Reuters reported, quoting the US embassy in Kyiv.

The M-777 Howitzer is equipped with a 39-calibre barrel. It has a maximum firing range of 24.7km, with unassisted rounds, and 30km with rocket-assisted rounds.

The M777A2 variant uses the Modular Artillery Charge Systems (MACS) to fire the Raytheon / Bofors XM982 Excalibur GPS / Inertial Navigation-guided extended-range 155mm projectiles. Excalibur has a larger range of approximately 40km.

The US sent 90 artillery pieces as part of an $800m military aid package. All except one have reached Ukraine, with several of them now fielded on the front lines.

According to the report, the deployment of the Howitzers is significant due to their long range and accuracy.

The deployment comes at a time when the ongoing conflict has reached 82 days with no signs of abatement.

Ukraine’s Lviv region’s Governor Maxim Kozitsky recently said that four missiles struck military infrastructure in the Yavoriv area. The military object is completely destroyed.

The embattled country continues to receive defence aid from several Western powers. The G7 countries supported sending additional armaments to Ukraine.

The European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced that the EU will send another €500m worth of military aid to Ukraine. The move is expected to be approved by the EU soon.

Earlier this month, Canada said that it will send a defence aid package worth C$50m ($38.62m) to Ukraine. It will include drone cameras, high-resolution satellite imagery, and ammunition for M777 Howitzers, among others.