The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has awarded a contract to Theon Sensors to deliver Thermis CS thermal imaging systems.

The thermal imagers are being procured in support of Sniper In-Line Low Light System (SILLS) – Long Wave InfraRed (LWIR) Thermal Sight “Weapon Sight 2”.

The order includes the supply of 500 units of Thermis CS imaging systems. The company is required to complete the delivery of these units next year.

Furthermore, the order includes options that can be exercised to acquire extra units. The contract will be executed by the company in coordination with its UK-based partner Active Electronics.

Theon Sensors claims that its thermal imaging systems are designed to support multiple platform capabilities.

Currently, the company’s night vision and thermal imaging products are fielded by several Nato end-users, providing cross-operational capability and repair support in a collaborative environment.

Theon Sensors 5EYES Armies Business Development and US operations director Michalis Kolotos said: “We are honoured by the trust and selection of the UK MoD.

“Theon Sensors is determined to empowering overmatch through its Thermal Imaging – Thermis Clip-On Sight (12um) solution for the UK operators.

“This contract follows an earlier award by the Canadian Armed Forces for the Damon (NV) and Thermis (TI) clip-on solutions for a similar Sniper Program, as well as sales of thermal imaging systems in European and Far Eastern countries.”

In June, a consortium of Hensoldt Optronics and Theon sensors received a contract from the Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation Executive Administration (OCCAR-EA) to produce night vision goggles (NVG).