UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has inaugurated a headquarters and training facility at Kenya’s Laikipia Air Base East (LAB(E)).

The British Army facility was delivered by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to replace old infrastructure.

Called Nyati Barracks, the facility has seen an investment of £70m and was built for the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK).

It features a new training headquarters, welfare facilities, as well as 158 Single Living Accommodation and 1,400 transit accommodation bed spaces.

Furthermore, a combined mess, finance building, offices, stores and Joint Forces Enabling Exercise are included at the new site.

All these facilities will aid Royal Engineers to assume key training in the building of permanent infrastructure.

The new permanent and secure Nyati Barracks facilities will enhance training capability for the army.

Ben Wallace said: “Kenya is one of our leading defence partners in East Africa and this new facility will cement our partnership for decades to come, supporting stability and security in the region.

“It is only right we provide our personnel stationed overseas with high-quality accommodation and I was delighted to attend the opening of Nyati Barracks.”

In Kenya, BATUK is responsible for delivering ‘combined arms light role infantry’ battle group exercises.

The UK Army and the Kenyan Defence Force (KDF) have held five joint training exercises from BATUK in the last two year.

These exercises saw the participation of approximately 600 Kenyan troops and 4,500 British troops.

Currently, there are nearly 230 UK military troops based in Kenya on a permanent basis.