The Government of the UK has announced the official opening of Defence BattleLab, in Dorset, to facilitate innovation in the military space.

The location will enable military personnel to work with academic institutions and private sector companies to devise and trial new technologies.

According to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Defence BattleLab will offer access to multi-domain ranges at Lulworth, including 15,000ft of airspace, sea area, and a live fire capable range.

The location also includes a live trial and showcase workshop for digital and physical technology and three 5G testbeds.

It also features a large open plan office, with more than 100 rentable desks for companies, and separate space for defence staff.

The Defence BattleLab had a soft launch last summer. Since then, it has organised multiple Hackathons, defence technology exhibitions, and workshops on emerging military technologies.

UK Defence Procurement Minister Jeremy Quin said: “As the pace of technological change continues to spiral, defence must be forward leaning and innovative in its approach.

“Collaboration and innovation will be the catalysts to maintaining advantage over our adversaries. The BattleLab will bring together the best talent and expertise in industry and push technology boundaries to equip our Armed Forces with the latest, state of the art kit.”

The government also launched the Land Industrial Strategy (LIS), providing a framework on how the Army, MoD, and industry can collaborate to maximise the value from investments in modernisation.

Earlier this month, the UK announced a £300m ($376m) package of military aid for Ukraine.