The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has invited companies to pitch innovative ideas to help with the recycling of military waste, oils, fuel and other liquid chemicals.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has called for proposals for novel approaches to enable the development of a Bioprocessing Prototype System across MoD sites. The prototype should have the potential for further development into a permanent system.

The idea is to convert military waste obtained from MoD sites into reusable by-products.

Through the competition, the ministry wants to have its own waste management mechanism by establishing bio processors at its sites.

The approach will do away with the existing setup of disposing of military waste by external companies and yield cost benefits.

In a statement, DASA said: “DASA seeks proposals that can develop a bioprocessing system capable of breaking down waste materials into reusable products, for example, water which can be reintroduced into the water course or reused on-site, CO₂ to be captured and reused in innovative ways, and the residue organic matter which could be used as fertiliser.”

The competition is open to academics, small and medium-sized enterprises and larger companies.

Under the first phase of the military waste recycling competition, DASA will provide funding of around £1m for up to five proof-of-concept (prototype) solutions. Later phases of the competition will unlock additional funding.

DASA will conduct an Industry Day event at RAF Brize Norton on 1 October to brief the industry about the problem space and gather feedback.

Interested companies can submit ideas by 30 October.

Bidders should submit proposals focused on the development of an energy-powered bioprocessing system to break down the waste.

Other focus areas include the development of microbe mixes and identifying the recycling potential of by-products for reuse.